Creating backups is a function that's offered by nearly all web hosting providers on the market. That is a very handy feature since it's a guarantee that you'll not lose vital information in the event that something happens with your Internet sites and there are many possible reasons for that - somebody getting access to your account, deleting content accidentally, performing an unsuccessful update of a script-driven app, etc. So long as you've got a backup, the harm in any of these scenarios is undoable, but you'll need to respond quickly since most businesses keep only one backup a day and each new one deletes the previous one, thus a delay of two days means losing everything. Our innovative backup system was created with the idea to prevent this sort of situations and it shall permit you to choose what content to restore and from what date as you'll have many backups to choose from.

Browsable Daily Backups in Website Hosting

When you host your Internet sites in a website hosting account from our company, you will not need to worry about your info as we'll back it up on an individual website hosting server 4 times daily and we will have a copy for every day of the past week. Not only this, but all backups will be available inside the File Manager section of the Hepsia Control Panel that is provided with the shared accounts, so you'll be able to sort through them like you're browsing regular folders. Every single backup has a precise timestamp when it was generated, hence you'll be able to select the one that you need. Restoring any content is as elementary as copying a file or a folder from one location to another, so you shall not have any issues even if you're developing your first website and you have never used an Internet hosting service before. With the function, which is an element of our package deals by default, your files will be secure always no matter what.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

You'll be able to take advantage of our revolutionary backup system with every semi-dedicated hosting packages which we offer and by default we shall keep at least four copies of your content every day. All backups are kept for no less than one week, so you are able to restore any information whenever you require it and from whatever date you need it. What differentiates our platform from what other companies offer is the chance to surf all backups as ordinary folders within the File Manager section of your account. All the data that you'll find there is read-only to avoid any probability of deleting it by accident and restoring a particular file, folder or site is as easy as copying it from the backup directory to the location in your account in which you want it. This feature shall save you time and will enable you to restore any content even if you have absolutely no experience and that is the first hosting account you are using.